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The entire PM Team was thrilled to once again be recognized, along with our client Zancor Homes, for the Best Low Rise Signage at this year's BILD Awards. Bright, bold and impactful was the name of the game for this project. Set along a busy street and surrounded by competition, this new site needed to grab the attention of drive-by traffic. The unique die-cut angled main sign, which was mimicked on the sales office facade, drew a lot of visual interest in comparison to competing signage while the bright, youthful colours and imagery on the sales office signage positioned the project to young first time buyers. The end piece of the main sign allowed the client to easily reface that piece with different messages such as Register Now, Now Open and special incentives, without making the main sign face look 'patchy'. Large 4'x8' four sided a-frames flanked the sales office driveway, dressed in the bright orange, white and blue community colours. The signage campaign was extremely successful as 80% of our registrants came from seeing the main sign. This success then translated into 60% of the site being sold out to registrants during the VIP Registrant Event.

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    PM was thrilled to receive the award for Best Logo Design at the 2014 BILD Awards. Coming onto the project, a community name had already been chosen. Rather than design a more traditional logo, we sought to create a logo icon that would resonate with the target market, young families and professionals. The resulting design incorporated abstract pieces in vibrant, bright colors that came together to create a tree and leaf image. This design reflected both the youthfulness of the target market, but also the coming together of many different ethnic backgrounds to form one united vision for the community. The various colors from the logo were used later on to help distinguish product lines in the brochure and on displays.

      Our Director of Client Services, Darryl Orian, was proud to be invited to participate on the BILD low rise forum panel discussing the importance of interdepartmental communication.

      Based on previous experiences, Darryl shared the importance of keeping open lines of communication internally between departments, and externally with suppliers, and the perceived benefits in the mind of the customer by establishing a strong communications program for pre-sale, sales, and after sales experiences.

      "We are in an age of transparency now," says Darryl "and our customers expect to know who they are dealing with and what process they are going to be going through." He added, "More than a product focus, builders need to be thinking about customer service, which is what the customer remembers at the end of the day. How were they treated? Were they properly informed about upcoming processes like décor selection? If the necessary time is taken upfront to craft the entire communications process from pre-sale right through to after sale, this alleviates a lot of frustration for both customers and front line employees".

        For the third consecutive year, PM is proud to be recognized by the US NAHB Sales and Marketing Council. We would like to thank our clients, Minto Communities and St. Regis Homes, for allowing us the opportunity to work these great projects. Congratulations to both teams, and we look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas! PM has been nominated for the following awards:

        Congrats to the entire PM Team for a job well done!


          Check out our new infographic, illustrating Canadian social media trends in 2013.

          Click Here.


            Check out our new infographic, illustrating how Canadians are using their smartphones and tablets.

            Click Here.


              Congratulations to Minto and the PM Team's award nominations for Orchard Park in the OHBA 2013 Awards of Distinction!  We would like to thank Minto for the opportunity to work on Orchard Park in Stouffville, and you can check out the branding here.


                For the 3rd consecutive year in a row, PM is proud to be the recipients of the BILD Award for Best Low-rise Signage. We thank our client, St. Regis Homes, for the opportunity to work on their Mission Hill project and congratulate them on their nomination for Best Townhome design over 1,500 sq.ft. Click here to see our latest award winning signage

                  PM's multicoloured, back-lit, die cut signage lit up the night at the 2013 Nationals and came away with
                  top honours.

                  The arresting signage along one of the major east/west routes into the city with its unique cup shaped illuminated lightbox, which stood over 10’ above grade, and individually molded and illuminated raised coloured cups, the site’s main sign lights up the night sky and draws the attention of drive by traffic, particularly helpful during winter's early nightfall. Overall, the cup sign, along with community branded a-frames, trailer signs and the sales office façade drew hundreds to the opening, with people sleeping over night to get in early.

                  Congrats to the entire PM team!

                    Heading into the holidays, PM was proud to once again be recognized internationally by the US National Association of Home Builders with 3 awards for outstanding work. This year, PM was presented with awards for:

                    Best Signage - Low Rise for Lilly Factory Towns on the Danforth (our 2nd in as many years!)

                    Building Industry Community Spirit Award, for our work with Enza Checcia and Benny Caringi's incredible Hats On for Awareness charity

                    And the award we are most proud of, Best International Marketing Campaign, again for Lilly Factory Towns on the Danforth that included; Signage, Print Ads, Sales Centre design and Brochure design

                    Congrats to the entire PM Team for a job well done!

                      PM is proud to have been a part of the successful launch of Minto's latest new home community – Kingmeadow. In designing the sales office and several key marketing pieces, PM worked hard to marry the traditional arts and crafts architectural style being implemented throughout the community with a bright and modern look and feel for displays and handouts. The end result was a resounding success as Minto opened their doors to welcome their eagerly awaiting VIPs. Congratulations to the entire Minto team on a great opening!

                      Click here to see more photos of the sales centre!

                        There's no mistaking it, in marketing, we love the big reveal!  All eyes on us, as we wow our customers, loyal followers and competitors with our latest and greatest. This approach generates buzz, excitement and a temporary high.

                        However, once it is done, it's a challenge to keep the momentum going. Often, we fall into the trap of trying to hype up small news as big news, but without enough substance it lacks impact. It falls flat, and we lose the trust and attention of our following.

                        Resist the temptation to do the big reveal, and offer your clients an incentive to follow your brand. Offer real, tangible information that isn't available to everyone else. Give them opportunities to come back to you, and develop two way communication that hooks them in and gives you what you need: more information about your buyer.

                        This approach isn't for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to take risks, and you have to put forth a tremendous amount of effort and planning to pull it off.

                        That's where your agency comes in. With their intimate knowledge of what makes your firm tick, they should be able to help you in this without using your own valuable resources.

                          New and exciting at PM is the acquisition of a new client: Green Leaf Distribution, based out of Collingwood, ON. Green Leaf is a start-up with lofty goals – providing affordable green products for those who want to do their part for the environment.

                          Their first product to market is a 'solar roof vent', which is extremely affordable for homeowners. This product does two things really, really well. It protects your home from moisture damage, and it helps a home's heating and cooling system work more efficiently. Contact Abby Stec at - and your company can proudly wear the 'Green Leafer' badge!

                          Hey builders! This product is a great way to 'green' up your homes at low cost, AND it can reduce maintenance or service problems down the road.

                          For info, call Abby Stec
                          Green Leaf Distribution
                          705 444 7217

                            Clients benefit greatly when marketing and sales decide to get married. Campaigns become cohesive because the message is consistent. The two sides are one, in a blissful relationship that's good for your brand.

                            Choose a marketing team that works in tandem with your sales reps, and encourage the two sides to see each others' point of view.

                            Sales can give marketing the straight dope – words direct from customers.

                            Without that feedback, marketing can't understand the realities of the sales process. And, wherever possible, have your marketing people spend time on the sales floor, to actually observe what happens in the sales process.

                            And sales should understand marketing's realities: budgets, market positioning and penetration, it would foster better understanding and a spirit of cooperation that would benefit everyone!

                            Saying 'I do' is a balancing act for sure, but it puts the client first and marriages are made to last.

                              Signage has always been the #1 source of traffic and sales for new homebuilders, which is why PM was so very proud to be bestowed with the Best Signage award at the 2012 BILD Awards for the 2nd consecutive year!

                              “Regardless of how sophisticated an ad campaign or a social media strategy is, the bottom line is that signage continues to be the top lead generating vehicle for builders,” says Darryl Orian, Director of Client Services at PM Design. “That is why we are so pleased that our signage designs have been recognized for the second year straight from among the scores of fantastic signs on the market today. While we (PM) focus on a variety of marketing initiatives for our clients, signage continues to be one of our focal points and the most cost effective lead generating source available.”

                              While last year’s horse inspired signage for Zancor Homes’ King’s Ridge galloped away with the top prize, this year’s entry definitely ‘stacked up’ with the Arista Homes Lilly Factory Towns marquee sign. This concept included an 18’ tall cup shaped sign with numerous individually molded and illuminated cups adorning both sides of the double-sided sign. Suffice to say, the sign was a beacon in the night and helped attract traffic and lead to a sell out of Phase 1 and growing success in Phase 2!

                              You can view the Lilly Factory signage campaign HERE.

                                If you haven’t heard about Improve Canada, then listen up! This is going to be HUGE.

                                With over 400 home improvement companies all under one roof, this project will combine the hype of a year round tradeshow with the elegance of an upscale mall.

                                For the average consumer, this means access to hundreds of DIY and Reno resources and industry professionals all in one place. Very soon, they will have a one-stop shopping centre to find everything from cabinets and counters to tubs and tiles!

                                For our supplier friends, Improve will offer them a great centralized location for face-to-face contact with the consumer (which is always imperative!), plus access to over 2,000 traffic a day and a pooled marketing budget over $1million! Now THAT’S a big pool!

                                Located on Keele Street between Steeles Avenue and the 407, many well known names have already bought in to the project and are eagerly awaiting its opening.

                                If your bottom line could use an IMPROVEment, sign up for a Presentation Appointment HERE.

                                Visit the website for details and Be Where All The Action Is (because your competition sure will!)

                                  PM Agency at the BILD Chair's Dinner

                                  Last night, the PM team was pleased to attend the annual BILD Chair's Dinner. The food was fine and the company was fabulous!

                                  A special thanks to our illustrious leader, Paul Golini who gave a rousing speech.

                                  Congratulations to all the award winners of the night including Jim Andrews of Fieldgate for Recruiter of the Year, Leor Margulies for Chair's Award of Merit and Mark Jepp of Paradise Homes for BILD Member of the Year!

                                    I’ve heard there are two types of readers: those who pour through prose, savouring each and every word, and those who scan for the dialogue. Most of us fall into the last category, picking out key words or phrases to make sense of what’s before them. After all, we’ve got calls to return, emails to check and there’s a new episode of GLEE on TV.

                                    So, if most of us don’t actually read – how can you possibly hope to gain our attention?

                                    Here's How:

                                    - Keep headlines short and concise. Don’t try to relay everything all at once. Think of marketing more like an onion. Let them peel back the layers and discover you. But, also like an onion, bring tears to their eyes with an arresting lead in.

                                    -Use white space. Resist the urge to fill it. Readers who don’t know where to look won’t look at all.

                                    -Use other media to tell your story. An ad is like the first stone in a path. Lead them to where you want them to go – your website!

                                    -Retain them. Make your website interesting, readable and promise them more.

                                    -Keep talking and engaging them at every turn. Remind them to remember you.

                                    By following these steps, you give them breadcrumbs to follow so you can take them where you want them to go!

                                      OPUS Homes Endeavour Opening

                                      All it took was 2 days for OPUS Homes’ latest community, Endeavour in Whitby, to be 80% sold out. Thanks to the unique e-mail campaign PM helped to implement, registrants came to their appointments well informed about the project and ready to purchase. From knowing their desired lot with associated lot premium, to the model design and floorplan they wanted, these were registrants who showed up with clear purchase decisions already made. This allowed the day to move quickly and efficiently as lot selections were made around the large 6’x6’ site plan table and purchasers were then assigned a sales agent to help finalize the purchase process. PM was proud to contribute to this great success and wishes to congratulate the entire OPUS Homes team on a job well done!

                                      OPUS Homes' President Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco and her father Carlo DeGasperis

                                      OPUS Homes' President Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco and her father Carlo DeGasperis

                                      Endeavour Preview Opening

                                      Families gather around the Endeavour site plan table to choose their lot

                                        OPUS Homes Open House Event

                                        PM Design was extremely proud to be attending the official Open House event for OPUS Homes. Working with OPUS since their inception, PM has helped create a memorable logo, brand identity, corporate positioning, and interior design for their corporate office and decor studio. It was great to see how impressed OPUS's partners, suppliers and members of the Vaughan city council were with all the work PM, Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco and her team have put into bringing this incredible company to life. Congratulations Andrea on a job well done!

                                        The OPUS Homes team

                                        The OPUS Homes team

                                        Vaughan Mayor, Maurizio Bevilacqua, and the OPUS team at official ribbon cutting ceremony.

                                        The Honourable Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of Vaughan, joins the OPUS team for their official ribbon cutting ceremony.

                                        Friends, family, partners and members of council mingle in the OPUS Homes Decor Studio

                                        Friends, family, partners and members of council mingle in the OPUS Homes Decor Studio

                                        Crowds gather at OPUS Homes' head office to celebrate the official opening

                                        Crowds gather at OPUS Homes' head office to celebrate the official opening