Our Director of Client Services, Darryl Orian, was proud to be invited to participate on the BILD low rise forum panel discussing the importance of interdepartmental communication.

Based on previous experiences, Darryl shared the importance of keeping open lines of communication internally between departments, and externally with suppliers, and the perceived benefits in the mind of the customer by establishing a strong communications program for pre-sale, sales, and after sales experiences.

"We are in an age of transparency now," says Darryl "and our customers expect to know who they are dealing with and what process they are going to be going through." He added, "More than a product focus, builders need to be thinking about customer service, which is what the customer remembers at the end of the day. How were they treated? Were they properly informed about upcoming processes like d├ęcor selection? If the necessary time is taken upfront to craft the entire communications process from pre-sale right through to after sale, this alleviates a lot of frustration for both customers and front line employees".