I’ve heard there are two types of readers: those who pour through prose, savouring each and every word, and those who scan for the dialogue. Most of us fall into the last category, picking out key words or phrases to make sense of what’s before them. After all, we’ve got calls to return, emails to check and there’s a new episode of GLEE on TV.

So, if most of us don’t actually read – how can you possibly hope to gain our attention?

Here's How:

- Keep headlines short and concise. Don’t try to relay everything all at once. Think of marketing more like an onion. Let them peel back the layers and discover you. But, also like an onion, bring tears to their eyes with an arresting lead in.

-Use white space. Resist the urge to fill it. Readers who don’t know where to look won’t look at all.

-Use other media to tell your story. An ad is like the first stone in a path. Lead them to where you want them to go – your website!

-Retain them. Make your website interesting, readable and promise them more.

-Keep talking and engaging them at every turn. Remind them to remember you.

By following these steps, you give them breadcrumbs to follow so you can take them where you want them to go!